Why a Barrel Sauna?

Better Heat Circulation

Since heat rises, much of the heat in a square or rectangular sauna is trapped at the top. The curvature of the barrel sauna allows for the heat to be pushed back down the walls closer to the occupant as more heat is produced by the heater.

Quicker Heat Time

Traditional square saunas have more cubic feet of air space to heat, much of which is unused. The circular design of a barrel sauna eliminates that un-used space by 23%, allowing the sauna room to heat up 23% quicker and using less fuel.

No Need For Insulation

Similar to that of a log house, the cedar used in constructing our barrel sauna provides natural insulation via the millions of tiny air pockets inside the natural wood. No added insulation plus the natual anti-fungal properties of the cedar mean less chance for hidden mold or mildew that could cause respiratory and health issues.

Western Red Cedar

The premium North American harvested Red Cedar used in our barrel sauna is widely considered to be the best sauna building material available. 

Along with its natural insualtion properties, cedar is natually resistant to moisture, decay, insects, and mold or fungus, and requires little maintenance. It is also one of the most stable soft woods knowna and does not become hot to the touch.

Natural cedar also has an enjoyable, woodsy scent that is enhanced by heat and steam. The color and grain also make it the most beautiful and aesthetic sauna wood available.

The bull-nose and coped edge milled wood of our barrel sauna allows for temperature and moiture expansion and contraction without damaging the sauna.


*Health notice: If you’re new to sauna or if it’s been awhile, be sure to consult with your doctor before using the sauna and/or engaging in ice baths / snow plunges afterward. Children under the age of 13 should be accompanied by an adult. Infants and toddlers should not use the sauna even with parental supervision. Women who are pregnant or in menses should not use sauna or ice/snow baths. If you have any health issues or problems, always talk to your doctor first to see if sauna is right for you.